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Jenna Hart

Jenna is a designer and illustrator with a passion for all things floral. Her career started at Marist College, where she studied Digital Media and Studio Art after recognizing her interest in the field of design. While earning her undergraduate degree, she interned with Redbook Magazine in New York, NY and with Crazivity in London, England. After graduating in 2015, Jenna took her first job at a marketing and public relations agency where she was able to take the lead on all creative projects. 

Today, she spends most hours turning concepts into visual pieces, exploring creative direction for a variety of topics, and drinking more coffee than she cares to admit. 

When she's not wrapped up on a project in Photoshop or swatching colors in InDesign, she enjoys hand lettering quotes on sticky notes (or napkins - she isn't picky), singing along to her favorite playlist, or spending time with family and friends. 

Jenna values creativity, collaboration, and overwhelming optimism.

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